Just how close can performers get while performing at different places the world over? Say, in Linz, Barcelona, Prague, Rome, Hailuoto and Mumbai? A multi-site performance is an event where performing arts and technology work hand in hand.

net:art | near in the distance 3 was performed on the occasion
of TNC17 – The Networking Conference, that took place in Linz.


powered by NTT’s immersive telepresence technology Kirari!®

In 2017 at the SXSW (South by South West) Conference & Festivals, NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation) has demonstrated the NTT’s VR technology combined with high speed networks (constructed with GEMnet2, Internet2, LEARN and UT), to create an advanced tele-immersion platform which can be used for performing arts and sports. Featuring 2017 Grammy Award nominated Japanese electronic music producer and DJ starRo in Austin and Japanese female dance duo AyaBambi, Rapper Ryofu (KYANDYTOWN), singer Taichi Mukai, and Cheeky Parade in Tokyo, NTT demontrated a live performance experience “CYBER TELEPORTATION TOKYO at SXSW”, in which the audience experienced an immersive synchronized performance of starRo in Austin and the artists “teleported” from Tokyo.

You can watch the performance here.

Read more about it:

NTT: http://www.ntt.co.jp/news2017/1703e/170307a.html

Internet2: http://www.internet2.edu/news/detail/13307/

Studio Biscoe

Studio Biscoe team are collaborating with the Network Performing Arts Production Workshop organisers for a few years, every time providing technical and artistic support for impressive networked performances, including the world’s first network performance with Cuba between Havana and Miami and Longing for the Impossible for the Moment it is Real –  Denmark’s first public networked performance.

Find more information on their website and follow them on Facebook.

Immersive Telepresence in Theatre

A joint project by students and staff at Coventry University, UK and University of Tampere, Finland.

While providing students with opportunities to engage in intercultural collaborations and to develop valuable global attributes, the project promotes a more environmentally sustainable model, diminishing the need to move large groups of student actors across the globe for rehearsals, workshops and even performances. A ‘virtual space’ was created in both locations through the re-purposing of videoconferencing technology and the use of large rear projection screens, high speed internet connections and unidirectional, hypercardioid microphones. Moreover, a unified spatial design and a careful use of lighting gave the actors the illusion that they were occupying the same physical space.

Please read more about the project on their website, including a 38 minute Coriolanus Online documentary.

Carols with LOLA

Bristol Old Vic Theatre School teams up with the Royal College of Music using the LOLA system to have a simultaneous performance between London and Bristol.

Watch a video about the project here.

Global Science Opera

GSO is a global creative education initiative made possible through digital interactions and live-streaming. It is the first opera initiative in history to envision, produce and perform operas as a global community. The GSO vision is to produce annual Global Science Opera productions during which a global community will explore interwoven science, art and technology within a creative and democratic inquiry process. GSO produces one global opera production each year. Find more information on their productions on the project website.

Would you like to participate? Here is how: http://globalscienceopera.com/how-to-participate/

Online Orchestra

The Online Orchestra is a research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). We’re asking how we can use the internet to give children and amateur musicians who live in remote communities around the country the same opportunities to play in an orchestra as those who live in larger towns and cities. We’re designing an online orchestra that will allow people who live hundreds of miles apart to make music together for the first time.

The Infinite Bridge

The Infinite Bridge is a multi-disciplinary live performance project connecting artists and creative professionals across cultures and practices.
The show uses new orchestral music, theatre, dance and digital technologies to tell the story of a Talia, a young girl trapped in a mundane existence who escapes into her dream world.
The Infinite Bridge has been given its Premiere on May 5th, at the Britten Theatre, London, as part of The Royal College of Music’s Great Exhibitionists series and the Network Performing Arts Production Workshop 2015.


The eMusic project has been implemented within the open call of the pan-European GN3plus initiative, involving six partners: three national academic networks (CESNET in the Czech Republic, GARR in Italy, and JANET in Great Britain) and three fine-arts-oriented universities (the Faculty of Music and Dance of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague – HAMU, Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Tartini in Terst – CONTS, and Napier University in Edinburgh).

The objective was to test conditions for real-time long-distance cooperation among educational institutions in the area of music and cultural production, particularly using the GÉANT bandwidth on demand (BoD) service.

Read more here: Virtual Concerts to Become a Reality in a Future not Too Far Away