What is NPAPW?

The Network Performing Arts Production Workshop (NPAPW) is an annual workshop and gathering of an international community exploring technologies that utilize advanced networks to enable interactive arts instruction, master classes, multisite performances, and remote auditions.  Our aim is to encourage people, who are engaged and interested in this field, to expand and define together the space for technical-artistic processes. We aspire to develop sender/receiver interactions with such high technical standards that they convey more than just video and audio –  they become the conduit for  human artistic expression and emotions.

NPAPW is an annual workshop hosted in a rotating city of Europe and the United States of America. It is a single track workshop in which attendees learn about technologies utilizing advanced networks to enable arts instruction and performance, experience master classes and live performances leveraging these technologies, and meet the colleagues and representatives from institutions advancing this realm of work.

Who should attend?

Performing artists, composers, academic administrators, faculty, technology developers, cultural video producers, administration and staff from performing arts venues – anyone or any institution interested in using interactive technologies over high-speed networks in educational programs or performances.